Rare Beauty | Discovery Eyeshadow Palette

I had not tried Rare Beauty before this eyeshadow palette, and I have no freaking idea why!!??

I heard and continue to hear such great things about this brand, mostly what has drawn me to it is their positive impact on mental health and self-empowerment. It’s so inspiring and if all their products are as good as this eyeshadow palette, my wallet is going to be crying soon.

Just look at how gorgeous these colours are!!!!

The Rare Beauty Discovery Eyeshadow Palette

Here’s a little blurb about the product in case you wanted the full depth explanation and not my fan-girling over this amazing palette!

A sleek eyeshadow palette that includes seven easy-to-wear, crease-resistant shades in a range of finishes that stay put all day without fading. It includes mattes, metallics, plus a glitter topcoat in seven rich, buttery, blendable shades created for easy-to-wear combos you don’t have to think about.

Firstly, I wanted to talk about the shades! They are a perfect combo of neutral and everyday makeup looks, with that shimmer in case you wanted to do something a little extra. I love the summer vibes they give, and part of why I purchased it is because the shades work so well together for the warmer months coming that it’ll be so much fun to play around with the yellows and different shades of pink/purple. Also the browns work so well as your essential transitional shades or just that overall natural look.

Now the part that had me scoffing just a tiny bit was the “crease-resistant” bit. I mean… all shadows eventually crease unless you have a good eyeshadow primer on. So I tried these with and without eyeshadow primer… it was the same thing! I hate to say I doubted it, but I did and was proved amazingly wrong. These colours last all day, are easy to blend, and to not crease at all.

The packaging is the other thing that made me want to buy this palette. It’s so sleek and compact. It fits into any purse, beach bag, pool bag, or even a clutch. I mentioned in the Tom Ford eyeshadow palette review as well how much I am loving smaller eyeshadow palettes that have the go-tos with a bit of those fun colours, that are easy to throw on and throw in your bags while you are on the go.

It’s now been dubbed my summer eyeshadow palette of 2021!

I highly recommend if you love your neutrals but want to play around a little with something semi-affordable and worth every penny, this is the one for you!!

I am actually curating a summer make-up go to look and o the hunt for some more cream-based products, if you know of any that are amazing, let me know!

What’s your go-to eyeshadow look? Are you into the more neutral or playful looks? Or do you just rock that natural beauty??


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