For someone who seems like they always have the right words to say, this time I spent days at a complete loss of them.

I focus this blog on all the “fun” and “lovely” things that any reader, writer, and lover of beauty would like to see. A way for not just people to escape into a good book recommendation or makeup product but for me as well to release some energy and fall into all the things I love to do and talk about.

I can’t just simply do it this time. I can’t write up a June TBR or a writing update without acknowledging what is going on. Without shinning a burning bright light on the injustice still seen due to race. Note: If you are tired of hearing this, I don’t give a fuck. I heard a quote that said: “If you’re tired of hearing about this, you aren’t angry enough.” So get angry. We are all one, and if one of us suffers, we all do.

It’s hard to think of anything other than the horror that has recently happened. Really… it’s harder to come to terms with the fact that I’m not surprised that it’s still happening. As a woman who is a visible muslim aka minority, I’ve heard, seen, and faced racism in a way that makes me fear for the future.

Black lives matter.

Minorities matter.

I have to stand with others oppressed and suffering. I want to stand with them. Forevermore. Until we are not judged by how we look or what our religion is. I want to encourage their voices by raising mine up and reminding others they have one, it has not gone unheard.

It’s unimaginable that this shit is still going on in this day and age. I am so sorry for those constantly living in fear. I am not as educated about the specific struggled black lives suffer and not living in the States might make it seem like I am far away from it, but truth is, I see it and feel it closer than ever. While I may not know EXACTLY what they feel, the fact that they are still feeling this discrimination, this pain, and going through these horrors is UNACCEPTABLE, UNREASONABLE, AND INHUMANE! I cannot say it enough and I never will, but I will die trying… BLACK LIVES MATTER!

If you are unsure, uneducated, ignorant… wake up. Educate yourself. Figure out how and where you can lend a hand to help others, no matter who they are. Sign petitions. Donate if you can. I’ve included a list below of places you can donate, if that is something you are able to do, and a petitions you can sign.

May those who lost their lives for such discrimination and violence rest in peace. May we work hard so that we never see this happen again. May we honour them.


George Floyd Memorial Fund by his brother & Petition:

Minnesota Freedom Fund:

I Run with Maud – Justice for Amaud Arbery Fundraiser:

Justice for Breonna Taylor Pettition and Fundraiser:

National Bail Out Fund – Free Black Mamas

I apologize for anything I’ve said that may seem ignorant or come off in the wrong way. I am still continuing to educate myself on that constant struggle that black lives face, and while I may only know my own struggles as a minority, I will never stop fighting and learning more about how I can hear their voices.

Please be safe, please be kind, and please hear those who are struggling to be heard.



7 thoughts on “BLACK LIVES MATTER!

  1. It is very sad to see that people are still being judged by their appearance. It’s every where if it’s not color it’s size and it’s not size, it’s the way you are dressed. The list goes on and on, the problem is that THEY (who ever they are ) believe in a system that divides, for them to conquer. Fundamentally, a lot has to change.

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    1. A lot does have to change. But me and you, having this conversation is a step in the right direction. I always think of this one quote in all my moments of doubt or sorrow or worry: “If not me, who? If not now, when?” We have to continue having the hard conversation, educating ourselves, letting others whose experiences need to be heard speak and we must listen. I appreciate your comment and thank you so much for sharing! I hope you have a safe and lovely day.


  2. Thank you for posting this. It still makes me angry that black people and minorities are continuously treated like vermin. As you say it’s UNACCEPTABLE, UNREASONABLE, AND INHUMANE! And it HAS TO STOP.

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