Review: JACLYN – Highlight Collection

This is unbelievably late, but I cannot get enough of this product that I had no choice but to share my love for it with the internet world!

Whether you enjoy Jaclyn Hill or not, you cannot deny how amazing this collection is. I, for one, have followed her for over 6 years now, and find that she is truly a hard-working woman who really cares and hustles hard for her dreams. As someone who is trying to achieve their own dreams, this drive is nothing but motivational!

The Highlight Collection from Jaclyn Cosmetics offers three different formulas. I ordered two of the formulas when the collection came out in November and have been obsessing over them and using them for well over two months now.

Mood Light Luminous Powder:

Shade: Dew Me

First, the packaging is pretty standard. It is sturdy, and the mirrored top cover is a great touch. I do think the amount dispensed, at first, was too little, but realized later that a little goes a long way with this bad boy. I bought this in a bundle that came with the J01 powder brush for this collection. I found the brush to be soft, but I mostly reached for my other brushes and sponges to apply this product as the J01 brush was just like a few I already had in my collection.

This powder is incredible! It truly gives that glow from within affect on the face, which happens to be a dry-skinned girl’s best friend as sometimes powders could cause flakiness, and the matting affect could add on to the one-dimension look. I use this all over my face, fairly lightly, and sometimes mix it in with my regular translucent powder.

If you have dry skin, this would work beautifully for you, however not much is needed, and it is best used with a damp beauty blender in my own experience. Since using it, I have gotten a ton of compliments on my skin.

Accent Light Highlighter Palette

Shade: The Flash

This was purchased as a bundle with the J02 brush that goes with this palette. The entire sophisticated look of this palette from the sleek white with the company name, to the huge mirror on the inside, it was well constructed and looks very high end.

It is truly beautiful. I really have no words to explain it other than it goes on effortlessly and lasts all day, which is amazing in a highlighter. Some of the highlighting palettes I’ve used in the past, have a wonderful initial look but then dull a few hours after application. This palette was so well crafted and buttery to the touch. I can definitely see it being a holy grail product for people (myself included)!

Shades (top to bottom): Spark$, Mesmerized, Gleam, Iced

The brush, again, is nothing special really. It is your standard brush, that is very much similar to any other brush on the market. It is beautifully packaged with the ombre and silver tones that are aesthetically pleasing with the collection but it is not the end all, be all, brush. I also find that I only use two shades mostly from the palette (Gleam and Iced), so having singles would have been much better and not so much of a waste, however, they are so pigmented and blinding that using the other two shades as eye shadow works wonderfully.

Overall, these two products of the collection are AH-mazing and really innovative. The difference in the formula provides opportunity for experimentation on what looks best with liquid and powder products as well as the inclusive shade range set the tone that this company values and cares for everyone! I cannot wait for more to come from this brand!

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