Value Skin-Care Kits – For all Skin Types

Winter is definitely the harshest time for my skin. I find it gets super dry, cracked, and flakey – overall just gross.

There are so many skin care formulas, technology, advice, and products that it is hard to figure out what is the best for you. I am definitely someone who has not seen a dermatologist, and just relied on some moisturize, exfoliating, and hydration (although I have fallen off the 8 cups of water a day train with all the hot chocolate beverages about this season).

So, when I saw these bundles at Sephora, I was eternally grateful for the opportunity to try some high end products at a much cheaper price so that if anything (or nothing) were to happen, I am not throwing away so much product and money!

I also found that the feeling of your skin really effects your writing. Well, it does for me anyway. Sometimes, I get so into a scene, that I don’t notice it as much, but cracked lips, and dry skin is not cute and even gets to the point of irritating me – which for the record, is not helpful since whenever I’m in a writing funk I look for any excuse not to sit my ass down and write – hence impromptu purchases and home spa sessions/masking.

For my own skin, I focus on hydration, but some of these kits/products are geared towards all different skin types, even acne-prone.

A side note: I am not an expert nor do I have any credentials. I just love skincare and have tried enough stuff to know the good from the bad for my own skin type. Also, I purchased all these during the Black Friday sale, but I believe they are still available and at the same prices/close to!

  • Origins Mask & Go Set: On-the-Go Masking Must-Haves
    • A five-piece collection of Origin’s most-loved masks perfectly sized for the frequent flier or to stuff in every stocking.
    • Price: CAD $25.00, US $20.00
Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily 

I haven’t really tried much of Origin’s products before, but I have had my eye on the Intense Hydrating Overnight Mask with Avocado. This set is too cute, and comes with 4 other masks ranging from purifying, retexturizing, and nourishing. Now, I only tried about 2 (Intense Hydrating and Charcoal purifying) out of the 5 and they were amazing!!!

Upon first look, the products seem a decent size for the price. The packaging is standard Origins that you’d see on displays, it is pretty sturdy though for such a small component. The selling point for me mostly was that it was completely clean and free of parabens, sulfate, and all the other bad stuff that is in some cosmetic products.

Definitely worth a try, especially at that price point!

  • Farsali Skin Goals – Blur, Prime, Hydrate & Soothe
    • A set that contains four FARSÁLI faves to smooth, prime, hydrate, and soothe—each can be used alone, layered, or with makeup.
    • Price: CAD $33.00, US $25.00
Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily 

Farsali is another brand I didn’t have much experience with, but was dying to try out. As a make-up addict, I love playing around with different looks but the one thing that always stays the same is the way my foundation gets all crusty and cakey after a short while. I did things from changing my skin care routine, adding less product to my face, trying different setting powders and foundation combos, but I still end up with the same result.

I read through various blogs, and saw a ton of YouTube videos on this sort of thing and what they all had in common to combat it was an oil base. Either primer or just straight up beauty oil, makes the BIGGEST difference for dry skin when applied before make-up or even before bed. The next day you wake up with glowing, smooth, and hydrated skin.

Photo from Sephora Website

There are four 5mL vials with different oils for different uses, but all can go under makeup. I cannot begin to explain how much of a difference this made in my makeup look. Also – it’s free of so many horrible ingredients, it’s vegan, it’s cruelty-free, and oddly enough gluten-free too!

  • Fresh: Charming Duo Gift Set
    • A Soy Face Cleanser and Strawberry Exfoliating Scrub
    • Price: CAD $29.00, US $20.00 (I could not find it on the US Sephora site, but it may just be out of stock at the moment!)
Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

Fresh is a brand that has been so consistent and amazing! I have used and love their Soy Face Cleanser for the last two years or so, but did not try their scrubs so thought this was the perfect opportunity to restock on the face wash but try out a new product too.

While I liked the scrub, it was not my favorite. The smell was too sweet, which usually isn’t an issue, but in the morning the smell can be overpowering. It’s sugar base for the exfoliating was nice, but I have tried the Purity Microdelivery Scrub, and it was so much better in terms of the fine sugar granules that get right in there and remove dead and dry skin cells.

Overall, a nice purchase, but if you’re looking for a fantastic scrub, maybe trying various ones out will give you an idea of what you want, as this one may work for those looking for a super gentle exfoliant.

  • Laneige: Kiss Me at Midnight Sleeping Mask Kit
    • A sweet midnight treat for your lips—indulge yourself in this Lip Sleeping Mask trio featuring two limited-edition flavors.
    • Price: CAD $ 37.00, US $28.00
Photo from Laneige Website (I got too eager and opened it up before taking pics 😫)
Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily

I LOVED this product. It is very hard for me to find a hydrating lip product that doesn’t wipe off quickly or make my lips dryer. I am obsessed with the Berry scented one. It is EVERYTHING and this set comes with two others in different scents (Choco- Mint and Sweet Candy), so you can share the love, or keep ’em all for yourself!

You apply this product at night – I would do it an hour or so before bed so it sets and if you’re a kicking, moving, face in the pillow, sleeper you don’t get all over your covers. It does not set weird, or dry, or like a “mask” would. It is still balm-like and moisturizing, however the product has truly sunk into your lips and is working it’s magic. In the morning you wake to find a bit of dry bits on your lips, (DO NOT BE ALARMED), simply wipe away and below lies your beautiful, luscious, lips.

Depending on how much product you use, the morning after debris may not be so apparent, but a quick wipe either way will reveal super smooth lips.

I keep this pot right by my computer on my desk, to applying in the middle of a writing session as it is for anytime and not just overnight. It even comes with a cute little applicator so you don’t have to use your fingers!

Have you guys splurged on the Black Friday sales and gave into the chaos of it? If you’ve tried any of these, please let me know which ones and what you thought of them!

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